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Pulmonary Function Testing

Our pulmonologists use a pulmonary function test, spirometry to measure how well a patient’s lungs are functioning. Spirometry captures measurements that analyze the volume of air your lungs exhale as well as the speed at which your lungs empty. These are helpful measurements for diagnosing and treating many lung diseases.

During Your Spirometry Test

If you can blow into a mouthpiece, you can participate in a spirometry test. While sitting upright, you breathe hard into a mouthpiece that is connected to a machine, the spirometer. The spirometer records the volume and the rate of air you exhale as you blow almost all of the air out of your lungs. In some cases, the doctor or staff may ask you to stand for a part of the test.

The doctor may repeat the test a few minutes or hours later. For instance, if your doctor has had you inhale a medication, he may order another spirometry test to gauge your response to the drug.